Monday, February 1, 2010

Nesting Doll Heaven

In honor of my sweet husband's birthday tomorrow I thought I would see what cute Matryoshkas(he lived in Russia for two years serving a mission for our church) were on etsy- I was not disappointed.

(All these items are for sale on, just click on their hyperlink.)

I really like the whole tee and homemade skirt look lately- I just wish mine turned out as cute as this outfit did.

These may very well be my favorite item of the set, I think it is such a cute and different take on a mother's necklace. LOVE it!

I love the smell of lavender and the sachet is TOO cute.

I love fabric covered buttons but especially love this fabric. I wish little A had more hair so we could put one of these to use!

I've never gone anywhere that needed a passport and don't have any upcoming trips that need a passport (bummer) but ask my husband- I have plenty of plans and dreams that will use a passport. This would be such a cute way to store your passport.


Beaky said...

Such A pretty blog! Thanks for the mention, just off to look at the charms now xx

Alyson said...

I agree. I LOVE the necklace. It is my favorite of them!

AJoyfulBabyBowtique said...

i love that you take the time to do this, we all benefit so much from it! thanks heather for sharing of your time and talents :)c


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