Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kid Friendly Door Hanging

I'm back with a new tutorial... and have one in the que for tomorrow. Today's tutorial is a kid friendly door hanging. As I was working on my banner (tomorrow's tut) my 2 yr old "ruined" one of my circles- (can you see the black smudges?) well I hate for anything to go to waste so we decided to turn it into her craft.First I used my handy cricut to cut out the circles for the banner. Then I inked the edges of the white circles with green ink.

I had my machine out already so I quickly stitched around the white circle instead of using a glue stick. I like how paper looks after sewing.
Then we inked lil A's hand and she placed (smacked) it down onto the paper. Then she helped me stamp the word "lucky" above her hand.

Then we of course washed her hand.

Proud crafter... I took a scrap length of ribbon and looped it, then stitched in to the card.

Now lil A has her own decoration for her room.

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Brook said...

Oh how adorable can that little sweety get

Brook said...

Oh how cute she is so adorable that little girl gets cuter by the day

The Daun Family said...

I love the kid friendly door hanging. After the holiday, it can go in a scrapbook! Great craft!

L@Craftaholics Anonymous said...

Love how cute it is and super fun for kids. I'm sure she's loved having a decoration on her door that she made.


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