Monday, February 8, 2010

Let it snow.... again....

Well more snow is predicted for today and tomorrow here in Northwest Arkansas so I thought I would see what fabulous cold weather finds esty had- I was not disappointed!
(As always all these items are for sale just click on the link!)

I love the buttons on this cowl and the color- actually there's nothing I don't love about it!

This set is just precious! I love that you can get a matching set- now if I could only get my little girl to wear a scarf!

My little sis ordered this from emilymaysparks and LOVES it- all I can say is its way cuter than the earmuffs I used to wear!

Now I don't have a little boy, but I have noticed at craft fairs I've done and just about everywhere there is a shortage of really cute boy items. This hat is so cute it makes me wish I had a little boy to put it on!

I like things to be a little understated and this hat is gorgeous and understated.

1 comment:

emily sparks said...

Cute stuff! Thanks for featuring my headband/ earwarmer:)!


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