Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lucky Banner Tutorial

All right, onto another St. Patrick's Day goodie. I started this banner weeks ago- Feb 15th to be exact- but I have had the hardest time finishing it and getting a tutorial up- but here it is finally. We have a huge window in our living room that I refuse to buy or make curtains for because we're renting anyways I like to make a banner to hang over this window for holidays birthdays etc to spice it up a little.I started by cutting circles on my handy cricut, I used 5.5"5" and 4.5". Then I inked the edges of the white cardstock with green ink. After that I pulled out my handy foam stamps and stamped "LUCKY", I waited to glue everything together until after I stamped- that way if anything get messed up I am only out one circle instead of three.
Modge Podge them all together.
Now, my favorite part. I traced a shamrock in pencil then stamped the word lucky over and over to form a shamrock.
Then I laid it all out on the floor and pinned my banner to the ribbon so sewing would be easier.
All done!



Cute! I don't have a cricut but may have to get one. I always wondered how everyone gets such perfect circles.

Patricia said...

okay... i am new to your blog but i just have to tell you... YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!

Brook said...

Cute idea and you just did it i love how you go all out for St. Patricks Day love you said...

This banner turned out really well! I would like to feature this one on my blog as well as your lucky candle holder tomorrow! Come check it out and feel free to grab my I've been featured button.

Tiffany said...

Thanks for letting me share your ideas! I love your style! Easy and inexpensive and creative. Don't forget to grab the "featured" button.

Thanks again!


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