Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Silent Auction for Preslee

The wonderful girls over Jessica Larsen Photography are hosting a silent auction and all proceeds go to sweet little Preslee! Go on over and see what great items they have up for auction!

Here is an excerpt from Patrick and Ashley's blog about Preslee.

"This is Pat, Preslee's daddy. Although the last five days have been an extreme blur to us and our family, I felt a strong impression last night to write an update myself. First I just wanted to say thank you. We will never be able to express the gratitude that we have for the many people who are praying and rooting for my little Angel. Preslee has been perfect from day one, she was never a sick baby, she laughed, smiled, looked perfect. When she started getting a little bit older Pres and I began to bond a lot more. She is my little cuddle buddy. We have done almost everything together for the last 18 months. This little girl has become the highlight and focus of our lives. I never truly understood happiness or love until she was born. Preslee is an active little girl. When she started to walk, she started to run. She and I were a lot like at this age is what I've been told. I hope that I can some day be half as brave and half as strong as my little girl has been over the past 5 days. She is so so special.
When I accident first happened I wasn't sure what to think, my worst nightmare was coming to life. To be honest, when I think about the possibility of losing my little girl the thing that scares me the most is that I won't be a Father anymore. I don't know what to do besides being a dad. I love every minute of being a father and spending time with Pres. Although the doctors don't give us much hope or positive outlook for the future we still believe. I can honestly say that our faith in God and in his plan has not wavered. She is in His hands right now. He is a God of miracles and we know that with faith all things are possible. A lot of people have asked me if during this process we have asked, "why us?" or "why would God let something like this happen to our family?" We have had more of the thought process of "why not us?" This was an accident that happened and we are trying to deal with this the best we can and that is with patience and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We never realized how many sick children and families are in PCMC. There is a family from Blackfoot that had their little girl drowned last Wednesday. Please pray for the Jensen's and all of the other children here in the hospital. We appreciate your love and support so much.
My wife is amazing. Every time one of us feels a little weak the other(Ashley) lifts me back up. I have never felt so helpless just sitting and watching. My beautiful wife is holding our angel girl right now and it has been pretty amazing to see my wife smile throughout this whole event. We thank you so much for your prayers and compassion. Little Preslee needs our prayers, love and support during this time. She is still critical and not making much progress as of now but we still have faith and believe all things are possible with God's help. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! She's already has been "Daddy's little Miracle". Patrick, Preslee's daddy."

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Toni Tralala said...

This entry is heart wrenching. I couldn't help but tear up. I sincerely hope that her health improves. Get better, Preslee!


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