Monday, January 28, 2013

Storybook Shower- Wishes for Baby

I saw an idea that I loved and wanted to do for the shower. It's a little paper that guests fill out with their wishes for the baby. I thought this would be a great little keepsake for baby E, especially since her great grandmas and a great great grandma would be coming to the shower. I used the invitation as a template to make my "Wishes for Baby" coordinate.

 As a treat to you click here to download the "Wishes for Baby" PDF!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Storybook Shower Invitations

 For the Storybook Shower I used these wonderful shower invitations featured on Martha Stewart Crafts. They were designed by Artist Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co.

 I added a pale pink border around the invitation and then customized the invite with the information for our shower.
 I also designed these please bring a book cards to place in the invitation. We thought it would be fun if all the guests brought a book instead of a card and found a great poem on Pinterest. I liked this particular poem because it said well loved and I hoped that guests would realize they could bring a used book too and some did too. The books little A and I brought were from a thrift store.
 I sent a bookplate with adhesive on the back with the invitation so guests could have the bookplates in the books already. I also brought extras to the shower in case anyone forgot. Little A gave Shelley "Snow White" and in the space that says "you'll love this book because" Little A wrote "she's pretty." Oh to be 5!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bird Specimen Pillow

 Once I decided to make one bird present I kind of just ran with it. She had after all pinned some bird items in her nursery board. There was one item, in particular, a bird specimen pillow, which I thought was really cute. I decided to go for it, but do it a little more my style.
 First, I cut our my muslin an inch wider and longer than my pillow form.
I then ironed my seam allowance under so I could arrange my birds without putting them in the seam allowance (I would do that too...).

 Next, I cut out all my little birds. I cut my pattern out of paper, then I pinned all my patterns down and cut and cut and cut. If you have a cricut you with a bird pattern or a silhouette you could use that to cut your fabric too. I also cut wings out too, but after stitching all my birds on to the pillow I decided no wings.
 Lay out your birds and decide what kind of pattern and spacing you would like.
  I then cut little squares of heat n bond out and used them to tack the birds in place.
 Then, get a diet coke, a good movie and get comfy because the next part is gonna take AWHILE. I used embroidery thread and stitched around each bird. After I did the outlines I went back with black embroidery thread and did a french knot for each eye- I had never done one before and there is definitely a learning curve but they aren't too hard. Last of all, I stitched each little beak on.

 Line up your bird side with the other piece of muslin and stitch around the pillow leaving a gap to turn your pillow right side out and to stuff your pillow form or batting in. Once you have done that, close your pillow I used a whip stitch to close mine- I'm sure there are plenty of other ways to get it closed choose which ever you are most comfortable with.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bird Print

Shelley had, at one point, pinned some bird things in her nursery board on Pinterest. I took that idea and kind of ran with it- luckily she really did want birds in her nursery- or else she is really sweet and lied to my face and told me she did. Anyways, as I was searching for a cute printable for her nursery I came across these gems from The Handmade Home (WARNING: you will spend hours reading past post- this blog is delicious!). Even linking to their blog sucked me in and I started reading old posts! Anyways, they do free printables every month and they are gorgeous! I found a bird one that I loved and printed off a 5x7 for Shelley.  
Disclaimer: I print all my printables at FedEx- you can upload your documents online and then just run in and pick them up. I like the quality of the printing- okay I LOVE them and the employees may or may not know me be name when I get in a FedEx streak and print multiple things a day like I did for Shelley's shower. 

I lucked out at DI (a thrift store here) and found a great frame with a lot of detail that I sprayed blue. Instant present.
Here is the bird print in little E's nursery (Happy Birthday today!) Little A made the bird for her little cousin- I'll show you how to do that too!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Storybook Baby Shower

My little sister Shelley is having a baby- tomorrow actually! I am so happy for her. When she told us she was having a baby the first shower idea that popped into my head was a storybook shower- Shelley loves to read- like seriously loves to read. I had to wait to find out if she was having a boy or girl before I could plan it- if it was a boy I had some awesome ideas that involved flannel, antlers and mustaches but she'll have to have a boy for me to use them. This week I will post projects from the shower and some new tutorials. Here is a little teaser for you!

Friday, August 6, 2010

New Shop Item!

I just added new sibling tees to the shop and I have to say these are my favorite at the moment. I just bought some fabric to add into to the brother tees to make them coordinate a litttle more.
I have also added Halloween Trick or Treat bags.. check them out!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Laundry Room Redo

Finally, here are the pictures of the finished laundry room. Sorry it took so long to get these up. We kept it really simple so my mother in law can make any changes she wants.


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